Manufacturing Execution System

Are you tired of looking at the manual production data? Or entering same data in various software again and again?

Manual solutions can hold your company back. Industry 4.0 revolution of connected factories and machines can help you to overcome on all data related challenges you are facing.

ProEx is a Manufacturing Execution System which captures data automatically at every stage of production process which will help you to reduce wastages.

Power up your company by getting “Probity’s ProEx” to get real time access to production data, defect analysis by man, machine and material, instant machine performance report, various dashboards for middle and top level management.

ProEx helps you by providing detail traceability report up to last component with on line analysis w.r.t. vendor, job work contractor, batch number, supply date etc.

The metrics of the production related performance indicators are always available in practical format, which includes a predictive maintenance feature along with it. Thus, on the basis of its pre-defined parameters, Pro-Ex can also trigger information to you about predictive machine failure.

As we all know, OEE, i.e. Overall equipment efficiency is an important parameter in manufacturing. And through online graphical format, ProEx can show us the OEE of all machines which can help you to measure machine performance, compare machine performance and set new benchmarks.

All data generated through ProEx can be easily integrated with your existing ERP.

ProEx Features:

Features for Operator
Online and Automatic production logging
Online summary of production & rejection
Live access to Process documents
Go Paperless
Features for Supervisor
Live Production & rejection tracking for every product and machine
Hourly, Daily and Month-wise production comparisons is available
All quality & production data available online anywhere.
Rich GUI for better look and feel
Features for Quality Manager
Online Rejection Monitoring
Quick analysis and reporting
Spread awareness about defects and its type instantly
Features for Production Manager
Online Dashboard for shop floor monitoring.
Real time tracking of production target
Easily planning for resources
Real-time data retrieval for daily meetings


Assembly Line-wise Production Report

Assembly Line-wise Rejection Report

Equipment-wise Production Report

Equipment-wise Rejection Report

Stage-wise Production Report

Traceability of Product


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