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Probity Technologies is focused on delivering value to manufacturers through digital & integrated solutions for data intensive business processes that help enterprises overcome their critical manufacturing business challenges.


Mechanization, Steam power, Weaving loom


Mass production Assembly line, Electrical energy


Automation, Computers and Electronics


Cyber physical systems, Internet of things (IoT), Networks

Modules of ProEx

Machine Monitoring System

  • Remotely monitor essential machine parameters.
  • Real -Time Analytical dashboards to view functioning of your machine.
  • Embed alarms and triggers to notify deviation from standard process.
  • Monitor entire shopfloor and remote equipment.

Smart Production System

  • Capture production and rejection count directly from assembly line.
  • Monitor and optimize OLE and OEE Parts per million analysis.
  • Reduce loss of critical production information due to manual process.
  • Enforce transparancy on shop floor.

Smart Maintenance System

  • Implement system driven preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Record machine downtime with corrective actions taken.
  • Root cause analysis of machine failure.
  • Maintain digital copy of machine history card.

Traceability & Quality System

  • Track and trace every manufactured product* with reference to Man, Machine, Material & Movement
  • Implement in-process manufacturing quality monitoring.
  • Swiftly track the root cause of failure of product.
  • Maintain digital copy of traceability system.
  • Manage recall and warranty effectively by necessary analysis.

Smart Energy & Utilities Moniter

  • Monitor essential manufacturing consumables like Energy, gas, oil etc.
  • Implement hierarchy based alerts system.
  • Corelate with other modules for maximum productivity..

Health & Safety

  • Implement alarm systems across entire plant
  • Ensure that safety critical machines, equipments and processes are always monitored.
  • Generate precise analytical reports for HSE compliance
  • Manage safety systems at multi level hierarchy in management.

ProEx's Design and Architecture

ProEx Edge Computing

ProEx Edge Computing solution has a function to capture essential manufacturing data generated from shop floor's machines and equipment. This solution builds a bridge to converge your Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT)

ProEx IIoT Platform

ProEx IIoT Platform is a high performance software system that harnesses the benefit of connected products, people and processes. It encompasses critical modules for productivity controlling , monitoring and analysis. ProEx is avaliable on in-premise server and cloud.

ProEx Data Analytics & BI

A manufacturing unit generated huge amount of data. All this data needs to be converted into actionable insights that helps managers to optimize productivity and profitability. ProEx data analytics solution collects, monitors and generate analytical information in the format of reports, dashboards, notifications & alarms.

Value Addition with ProEx

Optimize Manufacturing Productivity

Implement full shop floor transperance

Take smarter & faster decisions

Reduce Losses and Wastages

Increase Profits

Embrace Innovation

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