At Probity Technologies we vision to streamline and optimize the functioning of critical APQP and Enineering change management procsses with our robust digital solution VELO. Through velo we are helping component manufacturers harness the power of system driven solution through innovation.

Challenges with traditional process

  • Imprecise APQP and ECM Planning
  • Absence of standard communication channel within CFT
  • No APQP macro and micro task visibility to managers.
  • Unavailability of access control for multilevel hierarchy.
  • NC during customer audit
  • Visibility across multi location plants
  • Data silos difficult to integrate into one system.

Velo has two modules


ECM module enables manufacturers to incorporate critical changes post SOP. ECM can be initiated for change in design/process/ internal purpose with considering risk analysis.


Manage APQP lifecycle of engineering programs . Users can start APQP against RFQ or for internal purpose.

Value Addition by VELO

1. End-to-End APQP Lifecycle Management

  • Manage standard gates of APQP along with associated macro and micro activities.
  • Select CFT from multiple domains to accomplish the program/project
  • Capture essential information generated at every stage within entire lifecycle and create a repository.
  • Incorporate automatic document generation module like PPAP, FMEA. Customize the formats specific to OEM requirements.
  • Facility to add cost card to activities to track & monitor finances associated with process.
  • Bird eye view to managers for comprehensive view.


Create Plans

Monitor Engineer Workload

Generate Gantt Chart

Track Cost per Activity

2. Platform For Communication & Collaboration

  • Coordinate all APQP activities across multiple manufacturing locations by semlessly connecting CFT over single platform.
  • Automate workflow of dependent and independent activities with task shifting flexibility.
  • Implement escalations
  • Implement escalations
  • Alerts , notifications & remainders through system.


E-Mail Communication

Update Gantt Chart

User Specific Dashboard

Record Delays

3. Access Control & Revision Control

  • Implement authorization matrix to provide right based access. Decide within system user wise ability to view/ download / print data.
  • Ensure every revision is accounted and controlled across entire lifecycle.
  • Record every versions of revisions.
  • Ensure all users in CFT work on latest revison to for data consistency.


Define User Rights

Search through all revisons

Map organizational Workflow

4. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Optimize the productivity of entire APQP lifecycle through system driven approach.
  • Take effective strategic and operational data driven decisions.
  • Reduce process delays and losses.
  • KPI Analysis of CFTs.
  • Acclerate digital transformation.


Best Practice System & Sustainable APQP Management

Digital Approval System

Track Continuous Improvement

Cost Control
& Management

Real Time Engineering Data Avaliability

Effective Organizational Collaboration

Customer Delivery Commitment

100% Paperless System

Few reports generated


Optimization in Time To Market


Non Compliance in


APQP Lifecycles Digitlized


Engineering Changes Managed

Implementation Models

In - Premise Model

  • Implement VELO within your IT Infrastructure.
  • No restrictions on number of users.
  • High performance delivery of the system.
  • Robust and flexible to accommodate changes.

SaaS Model(Cloud)

  • Implement VELO on cloud.
  • Make system available across the globe.
  • Reduce dependency on your IT Infrastructure.
  • Robust Performance

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