Product Traceability

  • Generate unique identification for your products
  • Capture the entire journey of your product from RM stage upto FG.
  • Get time stamps of all the processes.

Sample data fields for traceability report :

Material code Line Code Equipment Movement
BOM Line ID Equipment Time stamp
Supplier Data Customer ID Stage Routing
Procurement data Production Plan CTP  
  WO Inspection  
  Stage Defect  
  Operator Operator  


Probity Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturing solution company delivering digital transformation solution to address the challenges in factory in a innovative way. Barcoding solutions is one of our key offering to the manufacturing industry where we deliver end to end solution for labelling, identification , data capturing, software processing and analytics , and generating complete traceability through the system.

Why did we use barcoding ?

  • Product Identification
  • Child Part Identification
  • Process Identification
  • Product - Process Locking
  • Process Control

Where did we use barcoding ?

  • Incoming Raw Material
  • Child part marking
  • Marking machines & equipments to
    capture process data
  • Marking material storage locations
  • Material Issue for prduction
  • Performing actual operation
  • Dispatch & Packaging Control

Material tagging capabilities ?

Coding Type

2D / 3D, QR Code, Bar Code, (Type decided on the basis of data size

Marking Type

Laser / Label ( Decided on properties of material and sustenance of marking under various manufacturing processes)

Data Type

Static / Dynamic (Static is programmed into machine, dynamic is software driven)

Label Printing

Laser Engraving

QR / Bar code Reading

Based on size

Reading devices capability based on size of code printed on material

Based on distance

Reading device capability based on distance from where the code is to be scanned.


Scanning involving taking actions, decision making etc.

Software Capabilities


Data Analytics

Storage Location Management

Process Routing

Web Based System

QA Checklists

Alerts, Alarms & Triggers

Multi Device Integration


Our Projects


  • Laser QR Engraving on products
  • Label bar code scanning for child parts
  • Process - product mapping
  • Process Routing
  • Pallet barcoding

Major Challenges Solved

  • Traceability
  • Warranty Management & Root Cause Analysis
  • Process control using IoT


  • Label printing of packed boxes
  • Location identification
  • Process control
  • Dispatch Control
  • Quality Checks

Major Challenges Solved

  • Traceability
  • Material Movement Control
  • Complete Process Manual to Digital transformation

Solar Project 2 (In process)

  • Laser QR Engraving on RM, Product & Child parts
  • Process Identification
  • Process control

Major Challenges Solved

  • Traceability
  • Warranty

Consumer Electronics (Tier 1 Supplier of Samsung India)

  • QR Label with code and part details
  • Process control
  • Unique code generation dynamic process
  • Dispatch control

Major Challenges Solved

  • Short quantity packaging & dispatch
  • Productivity monitoring